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So, what can we tell about Hendon?

Let’s see... We could start by saying every man deserves stylishly comfortable dress.

Whether you like it or not, those around you judge you based on your looks.

Hendon is different than most brands. Our collections stem from the creativity and experience of expert designers: the perfect blend of style and high quality fabrics that allows the brand to offer its customers a product with an excellent quality to price ratio. In the wide collection of shirts it is possible to find huge number of combinations of colours and patterns: solid colours, striped, chequered and denim shirts made with fine and light materials to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

Wonderful collars and cuffs, fantastic colours that are perfectly combined, make Hendon the perfect choice for those who love dressing damn good characterizing their own style with a touch of originality.

Every impression counts. Especially the first one.

Men’s fashion has certainly evolved over the years, and like every other trend, fashion comes and goes. Hendon offers perfect men’s casual shirts at reasonable cost. Modern or informal, solid colored or patterned, worn with jeans or pants, casual shirts are a must-have for the men's wardrobe. From short-sleeve to long-sleeve, multi-coloured to checked and slim fit to ordinary fit, you'll find the perfect shirt to suit your style. We endeavor to produce the finest menswear, with no compromise on quality.

Be Casual

Casual Shirt

The Length

Generally speaking, the biggest difference between tucked-in shirts and untucked casual shirts is the shorter shirt length. Hendon manufactures shirts of various sizes based on its colour and patterns used. Size is the big determining factor in whether a shirt can be worn untucked at all. Confidence is going to take you really far when you choose the right shirt. Because, we have shirts to fit everyone.

The Style

The Style

Honestly, we're not a huge fan of wearing formal dress every day. We love to keep our dressing simple, comfortable and casual. And Hendon's casual shirts are perfect for this. These shirts are a perfect balance between too casual and too formal. You can pair it with formal pants, jeans and other trousers. You can tuck them in when needed or keep them untucked when you are going out with friends, or shopping etc.

The Fit

The Fit

And, one of the most important parts of a casual shirt is FIT. A fit of your shirt can make or break your look. There are mainly three different types of fit you get; Slim Fit & comfort Fit. However, depending on your physique you can opt for either comfort fit or slim fit. If you are someone with a beer belly then a comfort fit is best for you. It will help you hide your belly and make possible make you look in slimmer than you are. And if you have toned up physique then, of course, you can go for a slim fit.

The Fabric

The Fabric

The pursuit of a better shirt collections begins with you in mind. The whole point of wearing a casual shirt is staying comfortable. So, the fabric of your shirt is equally important as the fit. You should go for a fabric that's light and breathable. We have different textures of our shirts, mostly made with cotton, blended cotton and linen. Each element of the stitched shirt has been designed to help you feel confident and comfortable. Our customers are part of our DNA and Hendon consistantly offers the best quality apparels.

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